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The music: Traditionally Mexican Mariachis play “Corridos & Ranchera” music around tables & in plazas., but with their battery powered “Caretta” ( PA on wheels ), they can do all that, & rove at the same time playing & dancing, & even take it a bit further. Make it louder & more danceable, & by adding other Latin American rhythmic styles like “Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue & Samba, Conga & Cha Cha Cha”, it really becomes a complete entertainment package. You can request the well known favorites: La Bamba, La Cucaracha, Besame Mucho, Tequila, El Rancho Grande, & Guantanamera, but also Harry Belafonte’s Calypso’s, & Buena Vista Social Club hits & more exotic pieces.

Audience involvement in “piñata” smashing, Limbo completions, Conga lines, “Macarena” line dance, Latin dance lessons & competitions. Great for: themed parties with Mexican food (pre dinner or full function), roving in malls & outdoor festivals, Agricultural shows etc etc, or as a stage band.

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   *Mexican Mambo ; MAMBO  2019 shopping mall.                                                                                                *Mex Xmas party 19 welling Pt;



Mariachi Trio plus 2
Mariachi Trio + 2
Mariachi Virgin Air Promo
Mariachi Virgin Air Promo
Mex Bandidos  
Mex Bandidos

4 Mariachi + 2 @ birthday
Mex Corp
Corporate Mexican theme
MEX Duo Chilli Wow
MEX Duo Bar Resteraunt
Mex Hayman Is stage
Mex Hayman Is Stage
Mex Mariachi Flight Crs Corporate Party
Mex Mariachi Flight Crs Corporate Party
Mex Mariachi roving
Mex Mariachi Roving
Mex Wedding in Park 2
Mex Wedding in Park 2


Birthday Party             Trio Mariachi @ Qld Uni
Novatel Twin Waters Resort lagoon side beach Party   Mexican Corporate theme                         Marriot Restaurant      
 Mexican Gala opening                        Mexican Bandidos
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