The music: Traditionally Mexican Mariachis play “Corridos & Ranchera” music around tables & in plazas., but with their battery powered “Caretta” ( PA on wheels ), they can do all that, & rove at the same time playing & dancing, & even take it a bit further. Make it louder & more danceable, & by adding other Latin American rhythmic styles like “Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue & Samba, Conga & Cha Cha Cha”, it really becomes a complete entertainment package. You can request the well known favorites: La Bamba, La Cucaracha, Besame Mucho, Tequila, El Rancho Grande, & Guantanamera, but also Harry Belafonte’s Calypso’s, & Buena Vista Social Club hits & more exotic pieces.

Audience involvement in “piñata” smashing, Limbo completions, Conga lines, “Macarena” line dance, Latin dance lessons & competitions. Great for: themed parties with Mexican food (pre dinner or full function), roving in malls & outdoor festivals, Agricultural shows etc etc, or as a stage band.

Mexican Mariachi Band Promo video

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La Bamba

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